let me show you.
you are mistaken if you think you can judge me by just seeing, hearing and feeling me.

NAME: Min Yoongi
AGE/DOB: March 9th, 1993 (22)
ZODIAC SIGN: Pisces (Water Rooster)
AIM:#sudden skepticism
YEAR: 3nd; junior
MAJOR: Music management and merchandising
CLUBS: Basketball and Music
FRATERNITY: Delta Tau Delta
quick info.
*fucked up sleeping pattern can sleep up to fifteen hours per day, but usually he stays up until 7am in the morning and hates his life and takes naps here and there for making it through the day.
*literally can't function without coffee his tolerance towards the world and towards people increases a lot if he has an iced americano coffee in his hand.
*hip hop is everythingunderground rapper under the name 'suga'. hip hop music changed his life entirely and he lives for everything related to hip hop. his dream is to be a hip hop producer and own his own record label 'SUGA RECORDS'.
*not cute ever. no. hip hop doesn't do bbuing bbuing, okay? yes he's cute, shut up.
*very reserved about his private life it's basically none of anyone's bussiness unless you're a very close friend. there has been no rumours of him dating, or having a fling or even flirting at a party and he plans to keep it that way. if you ask you're going to piss him off, so save yourself some pain.
*breaths sarcasm he can be a little abrasive, but it's just he generally doesn't give a fuck about anything. he doesn't sugarcoate stuff either, so don't do it to him.
*likes to read, uses it for inspiration for writing lyrics and to just relax. he reads a lot of american fiction.
*collects plushie question this and he will skin you alive. he just likes them okay.
*ball is life little star of the basketball team, he might be shorter than anyone else but he's good. shooting guard, #3
*his sexuality is a mystery or maybe it's just pretty obvious, either way, it's no one's bussiness either. he sounds ambiguous to you? well, that's too bad. just don't ask.
*not your social butterfly something a little problematic because as a member of dtd there are parties everyday. he doesn't miss anything organized by his frat, but besides that, it's rare to see him at parties or even going out much. he likes quiet outings or being inside smoking and chilling with a close friend instead.
*physical contact is a no-no if ever initiates physical contact is that there's something really wrong with him, he's not good with all the affectionate stuff. (if you're a close friend, he is a little more touchy)
*curses like a sailor chances are that if you're talking with him, half of it it's a cuss word.
*a little girl shy it's not that he's uncomfortable but, well he is, a little. claims that 'noonas make him feel smaller'. he will warm up to you eventually, if you're interesting, can hold up a conversation and don't blantantly flirt with him.
*smokes mostly weed and cigarettes.
*likes to change his hair colour often he just likes trying out new styles.
*perpetually short on money he's not going to cry about it, but he's always kind of broke. he got used to the feeling while struggling in seoul, though, and chances are you're not even going to notice unless you're really close and he asks you to buy him a coffee.
*had multiple 'odd' jobs back in seoul, he worked at literally anything which was offered to him. some jobs, he would talk about them (pizza delivery guy or doing the dishes at a chinese restaurant). some others? questionable and shady as fuck, only his very close friends actually know about any of them.
*"i am not trying to trick anybody, i just know how to live in this harsh world." self explanatory.

I. Min Yoongi's life changed drastically the moment his brother put a hip hop album on his hands, some cold night when they were both supposed to be asleep for school at the next day. Yoongi was thirteen, and spent the rest of the night listening to the album non stop while he was supposed to be sleeping. His entire world tilting. Changing drastically for the best, of course.
When Yoongi thinks about it, even now, he still thinks of it as what someone feels when they fall in love, first sight even. Yoongi fell too deep in it, the beat, the sound, the lyrics... everything was appealing, everything talked to him like a mantra, whispering to him that dropping beats and writing wicked and witty lyrics it was the place he truly belonged to.
Yoongi started to drop lyrics on his notebooks instead of doing his homework when he was thirteen, and started to create some music to go along with it a year later. It was nothing spectacular, but he had a lot of motivation, and ambition. His brother's bestfriend, the one who got his brother into hip hop to start with, thought his lyrics had a lot of potential for a fourteen years old kid and invited him to become a member of his crew. Enamoured of the idea, Yoongi joined and became the youngest member, trying to learn more, and rap more, and write more, and compose more.

II. The first time he got stoned, Yoongi was fifteen. His parents were out to celebrate their anniversary in a romantic trip at Jeju island and his brother, eighteen at the time and about to get into university, didn't lose any second to organize a party taking the chance of their empty home. His rap crew was there, along with several friends and classmates of his brother. Yoongi doesn't remember much of that night, but waking up on his bed at the next day, with a deep purple bruise on the side of his neck.
(Yoongi's first kiss was when he was fifteen, too. Stoned up to his fucking eyelids, he was talking with one of the member's of his crew, Dohyun, his brother's bestfriend. Seconds later, he was pressed against a wall, chapped lips pressed against his own. His first kiss tasted of weed and alcohol and cigarettes.)
He didn't skip classes, mostly because he knew it would upset his mother, but he wasn't really a bright student, never in the top rank of his class. His mind was always too preoccupied in other things, like how to write lyrics, or how he maybe shouldn't kiss his brother's bestfriend when no one was looking. But besides all that, he passed his high school years without much trouble, between parties, and weed, and rap. And hidden kisses.

III. The first time Yoongi went to a hip hop concert, he was sixteen. His brother managed to convince his mother they were just going to spend the night over a friend's, when in reality they went all over the way to Seoul along with his friends, and him, and Yoongi had a fake ID and he was terrified and excited at same parts. The guy at the door didn't even check his ID for more than a few seconds, and the moment he stepped into the underground club, clammy and stinky and loud, Yoongi knew there wasn't anywhere else he wanted to be but right there.
(Yoongi's first time happened when he was sixteen, too. He wasn't stoned up to his fucking eyelids but he was slightly drunk and he was nervous. And Dohyun's lips still felt chappy and his kisses still tasted like alcohol and weed and cigarettes. And his room was cold and his fingertips were shivering as they moved down his sides. Yoongi woke up at the next day curled up on his bed, with more than a deep purple bruise on the side of his neck.)

IV. By the time he turned seventeen, Yoongi had a lot of things clear in his mind, and in his life. The sliver of skin when girls wore short skirts did nothing to him, and literally nothing could compare to his thirst about making music, and rapping. There was just a burning desire bubbling up inside of Yoongi's chest, which just increased as the years passed by. He had a lot he wanted to say, he had a lot to write and a lot to make music to it, but he knew nothing like that could happened if he stayed at Daegu or if he simply enrolled in whatever university which wanted him in any dull and not productive major.
So by the time all his classmates were busy with dates, and love stories and clubbing. Min Yoongi was busy writing lyrics and learning to compose music and sometimes, just sometimes, going over Dohyun's place when his parents were gone for a date.

V. High school was over, he was eighteen and Min Yoongi made a decision, maybe he had made one since a long time ago. It was crystal clear for him, and there was another option, but his parents weren't exactly happy with the news. His brother was a top student in his Industrial Engireeing major, and his mother, even as sweet and supportive as she always was with him, wished for Yoongi to do something like that. Something productive. Law, or education, or international bussiness. But Yoongi didn't want any of that. No.
Yoongi was going to Seoul, he was going to write, he was going to find a crew there, he was going to make it big. So next time he came back home, he would sneak to smoke on the rooftop with his brother and the latest trend would be him.
Of course, his parents didn't understand at first, but there was (and still is) too much ambition and determination in Yoongi's tiny body. He was sure of it, as sure as the sky was so blue above him, and he simply was going to do it. So he arrived to Seoul a month later, a notebook filled with lyrics and enough money to keep going for a while, determined to eat up the rap underground scene with his raw talent, because SUGA was in Seoul to stay.

VI. But things weren't that easy, though, and the whole tale of a teenager struggling and passing through shit for fulfilling their dreams wasn't as cool as it sounded.
Yoongi was nineteen, and had been living in Seoul for a year. He called his mother daily, and he was always, constantly, writing kakao talk messages to his brother. He hadn't heard a single word from Dohyun since he moved there, but he didn't take it to heart. He had other things to focus about. Like finding money for surviving and kept lying to his mother about eating well, and resting well, and being okay.
His life passed by writing lyrics and making songs. Attending concerts, and rap battles and just really, really trying hard to make himself known in their undergorund scene. Maybe he thought it was going to be easier than it was, and if you asked Yoongi, he would say that the life of an unknown, underground rapper sucked a little. He was perpetually hungry, and always short on money and the fame he imagined it would come like a lighting was taking too long. And after a year, he was fucking exhausted, and tired of shitty jobs and the members of his crew being flaky and even if he was slowly but surely making himself known in the underground scene, he didn't know for how long he was going to endure it.
Living in a ridiculously small apartment with no heating or air conditioning and eating a package of ramyun per day, wondering everytime he went to bed if you could literally die of starvation.

VI. His parents tried to convince him multiple times of coming back home, but Yoongi, full of pride, simply refused. It was his brother, who else, who convinced him otherwise. There was another way, he told him, and a way Yoongi didn't really think about. Sure his idea was the typical underground rapper to nation wide star fairytale, but he for sure didn't think about any other options. Safer ones, more comfortable ones, ones that included three warm meals during the day.
University for him always seemed dull and boring, just another four years following how tedious and stupid high school was, but his brother was there to prove him otherwise. He could learn about music, and music industry and then just keep going with that though. His own record label, his own place to produce music. It sounded so sick, it sounded so great, Yoongi was all over it.

VII. Yoongi was twenty when he arrived to Yonsei University, recently enrolled into his Music Management and Merchandising major, leaving Suga and his dreams of being an underground rapper aside for a while. Even though he still attended concerts and went to rap battles here and there. In the middle of his freshman year, he pledged to the DTD fraternity after he met the president, Dongwook, who was also the captain of the Basketball team.
Most of the time, Yoongi just kept a low profile, even in a frat known for its wild parties as DTD and he still thought he was still a reserved and quiet guy, prone to smoke weed with a close friend in his room than attending any big party.